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Grizzly Uprising

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Watch Movies Online Grizzly Uprising Info: Grizzly Uprising features the terrifying stories of bear attacks on humans. Hear from victims and their families. It's a potent reminder of the rising grizzly and black bear attacks as a result of people moving into their territory.


American Pickers

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Watch Movies Online American Pickers Info: Mike and Frank are pickers that travel the country and literally would go anywhere just for the prospects of finding antique gold. With the assistance of Danielle they often find themselves in a comedic pickle.

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73rd Golden Globe Awards

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Watch Movies Online 73rd Golden Globe Awards Info: The Hollywood Foreign Press Association's 73rd annual event honoring excellence in film and television, hosted by .


Christmas at Bobby’s

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Watch Movies Online Christmas at Bobby’s Info: invites his Food Network friends over to his house for a Christmas celebration. On the menu: prime rib roast; parmigiana guanciale risotto with Brussels sprouts; Dover sole meuniere; sweet-potato-and-turnip gratin; stuffed problano peppers.


Let’s Kill Mom

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Watch Movies Online Let’s Kill Mom Info: In a suburb outside Fort Worth, Texas, a hard-working, single mother is found dead in her home. This is a story of young love, satanic worship, toxic relationships, rage, and unimaginable violence featuring interviews from those involved.

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Mat Franco’s Got Magic

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Watch Movies Online Mat Franco’s Got Magic Info: Mat performs in front of astounded stooges all across the USA.


Worlds Deadliest… Animal Apocalypse

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Watch Movies Online Worlds Deadliest… Animal Apocalypse Info: In recent years, there have been bizarre waves of mass animal deaths; ranging from tens of thousands of dead crabs, to millions of dead fish, and even dead birds falling from the sky. The film investigates the theories behind these strange occurrences in search of an answer.


The Lost Generation

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Watch Movies Online The Lost Generation Info: Heavily influenced by true events of occupy movements and protests across the world over the past 3 years, The Lost Generation portrays a very entertaining yet relevant depiction of our current media and society. We are invited to follow reality TV star SJ - the inspirational female lead, on an epic fight for survival in a dystopian presentation of our present-day world. The Lost Generation exists in a world governed by a corrupt media who have the police and government in their pocket. Able to scandalize the government through mass surveillance, the media creates propaganda on how to live a life - and leaves desperate civilians in its wake. But there is hope. They are called The Unknown.

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The 72nd Annual Golden Globe® Awards

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Watch Movies Online The 72nd Annual Golden Globe® Awards Info: The annual Golden Globes hosted by Tina Fey and Amy Poheler.


State Fair Foods

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Watch Movies Online State Fair Foods Info: Every year State Fair vendors try to top each other to create the most crazy, most delicious, most carb-loaded, over-the-top concoction ever, and fair-goers eat it up. From fried bubble gum, to casserole on a stick, to chocolate covered scorpions, State Fair foods are an adventure all their own and we'll take you along for the ride.


Stars in Danger: The High Dive

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Watch Movies Online Stars in Danger: The High Dive Info:



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Watch Movies Online RV Info:


Nostradamus Decoded

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Watch Movies Online Nostradamus Decoded Info: Debunking the mythology surrounding the 16th century French prophet, Nostradamus.


My Child Is a Monkey

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Watch Movies Online My Child Is a Monkey Info: In this one-hour special, we'll profile families who've dedicated themselves full-time to raising monkids, or primates that are treated as family members. Our monkey parents will share with us the unique reasons why they own primates, from wanting a 'forever baby' to coping with empty nest syndrome. We'll join our families as they try to overcome the challenges of parenting a monkey. We'll also get inside our character's heads by visiting top experts to find out the psychological impulses that may drive monkey parents to love an animal most say should be behind zoo bars or out in the wild. This is a co-production with Zig Zag Productions Ltd. (UK).


Extreme Neighbors

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Watch Movies Online Extreme Neighbors Info:


Cause for Concern

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Watch Movies Online Cause for Concern Info:


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